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We moved!

Mental health

I’m tired of being tired…

Honestly, I'm tired all the time!!!! I mean I totally understand that I'm going to be tired when I barely sleep... but that's not the case!!! The word tired doesn't even do how I actually feel justice. I'd say that it's more exhausted than anything. Maybe you understand what I'm talking about. Maybe you've done it too! I… Continue reading I’m tired of being tired…

Just writing....

Snow day

I love it when it snows - the bigger the flakes the better! Snow makes me happy and I love how you can still see at night because of all the snow! Of course I only like it when I'm inside looking out... all comfortable... in my pajamas.... while drinking coffee and only when the… Continue reading Snow day

Letters never sent

To my 8-year-old self

It may not seem like it now, but it will get better. Trust me. You just have to stay strong like I know you can. The children you’re going to be surrounded with in the next couple of years just don’t know. I know that it is difficult and that you will cry to yourself quietly… Continue reading To my 8-year-old self

Fur babies

We laid him down to sleep….

We named him Popcorn because every time he became scared, excited or mad puffs of fur would be seen flying! We got him from Petsmart 19 years ago! Yeah... I called him Old Man Cat (....don't ask). It was just this year when we started noticing the changes: he was losing weight, not as energetic, he… Continue reading We laid him down to sleep….